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 Locking yourself out is an unfortunate part of life. It often happens at the worst of times, and typically causes a huge hastle. According to an industry survey 16,000 people get locked out of their vehicles or homes each day in the United states.The experience is often unnerving, and stressful. With E.T.S. it doesnt have to be!! We offer non destructive automotive and home entry, and can get you in at any time on any day! We know that every single circumstance is unique, and we approach every job with diligence and understanding to give you the best care and service in the Columbia Metropoliton area!


No matter if your car has a key fob, or a mechanical key we can get in! We work on most makes and models, and utilize several different methods to enter into vehicles without damage!


If you're locked out of your home you don't need to worry! Using a multitude of different techniques we can get you into your home when you need. No matter if you have a house, a condo, or an apartment  we have you covered!

Here at E.T.S We work on most common american keyways. However, if all of your homes lock cylinders have a notch on the left side like the picture posted here, a non-destructive approach may not be applicable.

Not all residences and vehicles are applicable for non-destructive entry.


If your residence has older, or high security locks aditional charges may apply.


E.T.S. will perform automotive lockouts on a case by case basis, and may not be able to service specific vehicles.